Home of the Tribe

Hi and welcome to the Tribe's webpage. Yes, we're a guild in the World of Warcraft, but that's not all we are. We originally began as a small group of family and friends who banded together back in December of 2004. Over the years we've grown and expanded, welcomed many new faces and formed friendships and bonds that have transcended the virtual boundaries of the game and crossed into the realm of "real life". We've developed into a large guild with a family-friendly atmosphere, valuing people and friendships over personal gain. We've established a core group of raiders who have been successful within our casual atmosphere. We've developed a reputation among our peers on the Aggramar server as a group of people with honesty, integrity, honor, and a good sense of humor.

Over the years we've extended our own boundaries outside of the game and into our forums. Then from our forums we've gone further into the depths of the Internet and are Facebook friends and Steam friends. And even further still, we've broken the virtual barrier and have an annual picnic affectionately referred to as Tribefest where members from all over the world (literally) come together to enjoy each other's company, food, and booze.

So as you browse our forums and read through the public portion of our very active and vibrant community, or as you peruse our charter, which outlines our core values and beliefs, you'll find more than just a group of people who play an on-line game. You'll find a community that has blossomed into a family. You'll find a group of people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, who have spouses, kids, school, work, etc. have come together, with a little (sometimes immature) humor and a lot of laughter, to form The Tribe.

Yours Truly,
Fearless leader, Ring Master, Priest Champion and Chieftess of the Tribe