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Section 5, part 2 - Raiding Rules of Engagement

While the Tribe is not considered a hardcore raiding guild, we still do raid quite frequently and certain standards apply when a player decides that they are going to raid in this guild. These aren't rules put into place to simply punish people but rather to ensure respect for fellow guildmates/raid partners. These rules and guidelines are for the betterment of our raids and ultimately the betterment of our guild.

Section 5, part 1 - Raiding Rules of Engagement

Raiding is The Tribe’s primary in-game activity. Our goals are to push through the highest level of end-game content without losing ourselves and compromising our guild values along the way. To that end, we must enforce a reasonable set of rules and guidelines to both ensure progression and uphold our ideals.

Section 3 - Guild Policies

The ranks within the guild are as follows:

• Chieftess
• Chieftain*
• Elder Guardian*
• Elder
• Oathsworn
• Tribal Guardian*
• Tribal Vanguard
• Tribal Kindred
• Brave

Section 2 - Guild Overview

The official mission of The Tribe is to create a team of people who not only genuinely enjoy and respect each other, but are also capable of being successful in the highest level of any end-game PvE content. This means that the majority of The Tribe's leadership focus, resources, and energies will be applied to maximizing our end-game PvE capabilities while keeping it sociable and enjoyable for the people who are dedicated to the guild's success in this area.

The Tribe Charter

Section 1 – Introduction

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