Section 2 - Guild Overview

The official mission of The Tribe is to create a team of people who not only genuinely enjoy and respect each other, but are also capable of being successful in the highest level of any end-game PvE content. This means that the majority of The Tribe's leadership focus, resources, and energies will be applied to maximizing our end-game PvE capabilities while keeping it sociable and enjoyable for the people who are dedicated to the guild's success in this area.
Players whose individual goals do not match up with those of The Tribe (e.g. people whose only reasons for playing are purely social, to play one or more lower-level characters, to PvP, etc.) are still welcome, but they should understand that their membership in the guild is purely for friendship purposes - help with lower-level content or support for Arena/Battlegrounds play will be secondary to the guild's organizational focus on high-level PvE content.
Over the course of the guild's lifetime, many people have posed the question: Is The Tribe a social guild or a raiding guild? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the questioner's definitions of "social" and "raiding" guilds. Our official answer is that The Tribe is a raid-capable social guild. The Tribe does not engage in what most WoW players would consider "hardcore" behavior, such as limiting the number of characters from each class in the guild, removing players due to lack of skill, mandatory attendance for certain events, etc. It is also our goal to keep the roster well-stocked with fun, honest, good-natured players regardless of their skill or the frequency with which they choose to play. However, The Tribe does want to give its members a reason to keep playing after hitting the level cap - namely, to experience the challenges of all of the PvE content within the game and to succeed against those challenges.
With that goal in mind, our leaders are sometimes called upon to strike a delicate balance between equal opportunity and practicality. All members and prospective members should be aware that while the guild's leadership is committed to inclusion and fairness, sometimes people's individual wants and needs have to be set aside for the overall good of The Tribe. This may mean, for example, that under specific circumstances a member might be asked to sit out of a raid that they really want to attend so that The Tribe has a greater chance to succeed. It is the leadership's goal and strong desire to ask its members for these sacrifices as infrequently as possible. The leadership is not exempt from making these sacrifices themselves.
The Tribe's five core principles are:
• Always remember that everyone is playing to have fun.
• Real life commitments, relationships, and responsibilities are more important than the game.
• A good person is more important than a good player.
• The Tribe's success is more important than any individual character's success.
• Don't be harsh or rude to the members of your guild, to the other members of your faction, or even the opposing faction.
These are the beliefs that shape all of the guild's policies and leadership decisions.
We expect that all Tribe members will possess the following traits while playing characters with membership in the guild. Rightly or wrongly, your actions toward all others while wearing The Tribe's guild tag will reflect on the guild as a whole and we expect members to be sensitive to that fact. Not following the letter or the spirit of these behavioral guidelines can be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
Be fun. Be the kind of person who not only participates in good-natured silliness and playing around, but also the kind of person who knows when it's gone on too long or has started to become mean-spirited.
Be friends. Appreciate your guildmates and remember that they are here because they believe in these principles too. Enjoy their successes as if they were your own and help them recover from their defeats.
Be appropriate. In a guild with members from their teens to their fifties, you're going to have to moderate your language and subject matter a bit. Try to keep guild chat, say, and emotes PG-13 and use your best discretion in whisper/party/raid/voice chat.
Be respectful. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Don't insult other people, especially guildmates, and especially not in public. If other people ask you to moderate your behavior in guild/party/raid/voice chat, then please comply and work out your issues later, if necessary. Be aware of the potential impact of your words and actions before you commit to them.
Be trusting and trustworthy. Assume that if a guildmate upsets you, then he/she didn't do it on purpose and there was a misunderstanding. Assume that your guildmates are being truthful in all of their dealings with you, and be truthful in all of your dealings with guildmates.
Be resourceful. Feel free to ask your guildmates for information or assistance, but don't neglect the other tools and resources (web sites, LFG channel, etc.) that you have at your disposal.
Be gracious. Accept help (in any form) graciously. Accept a lack of assistance from guildmates just as graciously, no matter what the reason.
Be generous. When you get (or have the opportunity to get) a great item, the decision to keep it, sell it, or give it to a guildmate should be a difficult one. While you're not required to give any item away for free, many Tribe members have given away BoE epics and passed on valuable upgrades anyway, solely for the betterment of their teammates. That is the true spirit of The Tribe.
Be open. Visit the Tribe forums often - at least weekly, and preferably daily - and participate openly in guild chat. Communicate with your fellow guildmates.
Be constructive. If you have an issue with the guild or a guild member, then don't bottle it up or complain endlessly about it - contact an officer for assistance, and be prepared to offer potential solutions to whatever problem you're experiencing.
Be tolerant. The Tribe has lots of different kinds of people in it. Malicious or degrading comments about people's race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. have no place in The Tribe.
Be legitimate. Don't support the professional farmers by buying money, items, or characters with real currency. Don't use or do anything that you know for sure is an exploit or is in violation of Blizzard's Terms of Service.
Applications are evaluated on a case by case basis. Each new recruit should visit The Tribe's recruitment forum found at and click on the thread marked "Application Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING". This thread gives a template application and all the information needed to apply.
All new recruits should read through our Charter to understand our goals and ideals before applying. If these goals do not apply to you then you need not apply. After recruitment all players are expected to read and understand our policies and ask any questions as needed. If you violate a policy after recruitment there is no excuse for not knowing it first.
After submission, the application is moved to a private forum where the officers assess the answers that have been provided. Every answer is important, so "thin" or rushed applications will not likely be accepted. Please make sure you fill out your application openly and honestly - it will make a big difference.
Applications for membership from real-life friends and family of existing Tribe members in good standing are not automatically guaranteed an invitation to join the guild, but will be given special consideration based on the relationship. Any current member that vouches for a real-life friend or family member will be held accountable if that recruit is determined by the officers to not be Tribe material and is removed from the guild. Removal of the recruit will not necessarily lead to removal of the member, but it will be documented and taken into consideration when evaluating future applications.
Minimum levels requirements are as follows:
• Level 10 for alts of officers
• Level 10 for all non-Death Knight characters (mains or alts)
• Level 58 for all Death Knight characters (mains or alts)
Minimum level requirements may be lowered or waived altogether for short periods after the release of a new expansion; these exceptions are made at the Chieftess’ sole discretion.