Section 4 - Guild Vault

The Guild Vault is a tool for getting items from Tribe members who do not need them to those who do. Each tab of the vault contains a slice of the great variety of items that we, The Tribe, have donated to ourselves. This storage space is not limitless and is best suited to hosting donations of items of great rarity or in great demand.
This section details the policies that pertain to the Guild Vault, including the means by which the Vault will be organized and managed. These policies are intended to ensure a safe, convenient banking experience for all involved.
The Tribe's officers will manage the available space in the vault in order to make additional donations possible and withdrawals more convenient. Items may be removed and stored, distributed, or sold as necessary to maintain the Vault's value, variety and donation space.
The following items should not be donated to the Guild Bank in order ensure adequate space:
• Items under level 25
• Equipment that is Good (Green) quality or lower
Items may be removed under any one of the following circumstances:
• The item has one or more duplicate stacks within the vault
• The Item is in low demand.
• The item is stored in an improper section - the item may be moved to its proper section or removed, whichever is appropriate
• The item is a piece of equipment of Good (Green) quality or lower - this item may be removed and sold or disenchanted and returned to the vault as components
Please keep these management rules in mind while making donations. They are in place to ensure the greatest chance of a fellow Tribe member finding what he or she needs.
Donations made into the guild vault are for guild purposes only. Every guild member is able to deposit into the vault; however, only the Chieftess and Chieftains are able to withdraw these funds.
Examples (not an exhaustive list!) of times when guild gold is withdrawn:
• To compensate players for repair bills from un-farmed Tribe sponsored end-game raids
• To help fund guild sponsored events (Secret Santa, Tag, etc.)
• To aid with advancing the crafting professions of select players for the sake of sharing them with the guild
Guild gold will NOT be used for:
• Any one player’s or group’s needs
• Mount/Riding Skill costs
• Officer expenses
• Cris' gambling habit
In general, any monetary expense that is deemed to be of benefit to the guild as a whole (and not just an individual or select group) may be funded in whole or in part through the use of guild funds.
Keeping the guild vault organized is a shared responsibility of all members. This includes each member being responsible about what they donate and where they put it, with assistance from the guild’s officers to maintain the tabs and prevent clutter.
Any "overstocked" items may be auctioned, sold, or destroyed at the discretion of the officers. Any gold received from auctioning or selling vault donations will be deposited into the guild bank.
As a guideline, please attempt to maintain this structure when donating/organizing the vault:
Equipment Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Weapons & Off-hand
• Columns 3-4: Plate Armor
• Columns 5-6: Mail Armor
• Columns 7-8: Leather Armor
• Columns 9-10: Cloth Armor
• Columns 11-12: Relics, Cloaks, Trinkets, Neck, Rings
• Columns 13-14: Accessories
Crafting Materials Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Leatherworking
• Columns 3-4: Blacksmithing/Cooking
• Columns 5-6: Tailoring
• Columns 7-8: Alchemy
• Columns 9-10: Jewelcrafting/Inscription
• Columns 12-12: Engineering
• Columns 13-14: Enchanting
Crafting Patterns Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Leatherworking
• Columns 3-4: Blacksmithing
• Columns 5-6: Tailoring
• Columns 7-8: Alchemy
• Columns 9-10: Inscription
• Columns 11-12: Jewelcrafting/Engineering
• Columns 13-14: Jewelcrafting/Enchanting
Miscellaneous Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Glyphs
• Columns 3-4: Glyphs
• Columns 5-6: Glyphs
• Columns 7-8: Glyphs
• Columns 9-10: TBD
• Columns 11-12: TBD
• Columns 13-14: TBD
Class, Quest & Rep Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Potions and Elixirs
• Columns 3-4: Fun Items/Pets
• Columns 5-6: Food/Raid Consumables
• Columns 7-8: Food/Raid Consumables
• Columns 9-10: Food/Raid Consumables
• Columns 11-12: Quest Items
• Columns 13-14: Quest Items
Raiding Supplies Tab:
• Columns 1-2: Consumables
• Columns 3-4: Consumables
• Columns 5-6: Consumables
• Columns 7-8: Consumables/Repair Bots
• Columns 9-10: Unclaimed Mats
• Columns 11-12: Unclaimed Drops (gear and patterns)
• Columns 13-14: Unclaimed Drops (gear and patterns)
Each rank has its own set of withdrawal limits. They are as follows:
Brave: Deposit only
Tribal Kindred: Deposit only
Tribal Vanguard: 1 item/stack per day
Tribal Guardian: 5 items/stacks per day
Oathsworn: 10 items/stacks per day
Elder: 1 item/stack per day
Elder Guardian: 300 items/stacks per day; 50g per day
Chieftain: 300 items/stacks per day; 150g per day
Chieftess: Unlimited

With the exception of the authenticated officer limits (which are artificially high for reorganization purposes), all other ranks should feel welcome to (and comfortable taking) items in the bank up to their daily limit provided that it will be used by a Tribe member's character, and not sold to someone else.  The Tribe has always been very generous, and we like to see items get to people who will use them!