The Tribe Charter

Section 1 – Introduction

This document is the guild charter for The Tribe, a Horde guild on the Aggramar-US realm within the World of Warcraft MMORPG. The purpose of the charter is to inform potential members (and act as a reminder for existing members) what The Tribe is all about and the rules we have set up to govern ourselves.
The Tribe is among the oldest and most established guilds on Aggramar-US. Since its beginning the Tribe has been highly respected and admired for its high standards of quality members. This charter reflects our current philosophy and governance and supersedes all previous rules and by-laws.
Version 4.0; first published on Monday, October 26, 2010.
Table of Contents
Introduction (this page)
Guild Overview – Mission, Core Values and Principles, and Recruitment Information
Guild Policies – More detailed rules regarding day-to-day guild management
Guild Vault – Specific policies related to the guild bank
Raiding Rules of Engagement – All raiding related rules, including signups, attendance, conduct, and loot
Printer-friendly version – The entire charter on a single webpage